Rue du Sans Gluten

Working with organic product not only means respecting consumer’s health, but also the quality of products and of nature itself.

All of our products are manufactured using the best organic and gluten free primary ingredients available.

100% natural. So be sure to try them all!

Stuffed pasta


Why choose Rue du Sans Gluten

Our products are processed in strictly gluten free specialised laboratories: in this way, the risk of contamination is completely eradicated.
In addition, our business carries out a series of supplementary checks that certifiy all commercialised food products contain a residual rate of gluten less than 20 ppm as specified by current legislation in force.
Our catalogue contains a selection of products compatible with food choices and Vegan ethics, that is to say free of any ingredient or component of animal origin (meat, egg, dairy products, honey), from animal exploitation, or elaborated from animal experimentations (cruelty free). From these fundamental principles we wanted to add the quality of biological products, the authenticity of the ingredients and the richness of the nutrients contained.
Valoritalia (certificated institution accredited by the Ministry of agricultural politics) is our partner in this project. The prestige of a Valoritalia cerftication is synonymous of high quality products. One of the strong points of our business is in fact our ability of guarantee all phases of food production: from harvesting primary materials to their production, and arriving at the commercialisation of the finished product.
Only in this way, through scrupulous controlling each part of the process can we really guarantee a healthy, simple and secure product to our customers and consumers.

We embrace the methodology of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points that allows for a preventive, systematic and documented approach to food safety. All procedures of autocontrol, defined by the HACCP system, are undertaken, and so guaranteeing products that strictly keep to qualitative standards.

The selection of our products reflects the demand of our customers.

For this reason, our catalogue contains a vast range of lactose-free products, adapted to those with intolerance and to those following diets free from food of animal origins.

We use extra virgin olive oil made from Italian olives, a completely traceable primary product. We refuse to use palm oil because we believe in protecting the environment and pursuing the company policy of eco-sustainability.

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