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The Brand “Rue du Sans Gluten” was born from the personal and daily experience of celiac disease.

All too often, people with gluten intolerance have to settle for mass produced gluten free products, with almost impossibility of finding the goodness and fragance of homemade produce.

Our mission

The mission of Rue du Sans Gluten is made up of two questions.

The first: what is Gluten Free to us?

For us, Gluten Free does not mean giving up tradition; instead it is an added value.

Gluten free produce must respect these old traditions and the artisan nature of recipes that, with interest and passion, can be safeguarded and handed down from generation to generation.

And the second: what is biological to us?

Bio means history, it means returning to our origins with produce straight off the doorstep, and a genuine product that is born out of an uncontaminated and wholesome land, just like our ancestors did.

Our aim is to bring the art of good food and taste to those with gluten intolerance, allowing for a rediscovery of amazing and genuine flavours.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by thorough controls throughout the production chain: from selection of the best primary materials to controlling of the machinery and installations in which the products are worked.

Rue du Sans Gluten offers a wide range of incredibly good products rigurously linked to Italian culinary tradition.

Bio and Gluten Free.

Stuffed pasta


Our team

Hello, I’m Roberto, CEO of SOUL FOOD&B SRL nd export manager of the France area.

live first hand with the problem of celiac disease and I am therefore fully dedicated to this project.

I have been working in quality control for 30 years and strive to provide all of the skills obtained in order to guarantee thorough control in the production of our articles.


Hello, I’m Simone, partner of SOUL FOOD&B SRL.

The brand Rue du Sans Gluten was born with the aim of showing a path, a path to gluten free products, be it to those with gluten intolerance or not.

A path constructed upon precise foundation stones: quality, artisan tradition and passion!


Hello I’m Elide , daughter of Roberto and I’m intollerant to gluten . Rue du Sans Gluten came about largely from the careful attention that my father has dedicated to Celiac disease over the years.

It’s a great pleasure to be the official tester of the SOUL FOOD&B SRL.



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